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Reiki is a gift that last a lifetime (and more).  It is actually Universal Life Energy that is transferred from the spirit through the Reiki practitioner to the client, who can be any species  or any vegetation, or I'll say, any object.  Yes, I've used Reiki on inanimate objects quite a few times.  You can Reiki your food to eliminate impurities.  You can Reiki your aura to cleanse it of unwanted energies.  You can Reiki newly acquired quartz crystals and other stones to cleanse and ready them for  use.  Most importantly, for me is its use on animals and hopsice patients.  If I say the word Reiki, my macaw assumes his relaxed, fluffy neck position with his head cocked and his claws in his mouth and he fits his head perfectly into the palm of my hand to receive his energy boost.  My female Irish Water Spaniel responds to the word "aura."  When I say "aura!" she lies on her back, legs open, ready to receive a Reiki bath. I took my first Reiki class at th


 After seven months of Hospice chaplaincy training, I can evaluate my experience and share with you how I accomplished what I intended to accomplish and where I feel I need additional growth.  In this evaluative process, I realized that the details would serve as a very precise answer to those who ask (and that means most people), "Why would you want to be around death and dying?" The effects of  CPE (clinical pastoral education) reach far beyond the limited setting of the hospital or homebound patient;  this was an opportunity for profound personal growth, the definition of the phrase "moving out of your comfort zone."  Here is the culmination of my internship with the italicized points identifying the particular areas I targeted: ·          Judgment and Impatience:   I found to my surprise that I rarely experienced   impatience   with or judgment of others. I was very cognizant and tolerant of others’ beliefs and styles and didn’t run across anyone who te