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Graceful Dying: The Dogs, Me, and Hospice

Here's some background on my spiritual journey.  Years ago, discovering the healing and vibrational powers of crystals, I entered the metaphysical world full force, taking classes,  trying different modalities as a client and patient (full body smudging, auric cleansing, rebirthing, past life regressions, meditations, and more) and then as a student and eventual practitioner.  My favorite tool was the Tarot, preferably the Hanson-Roberts deck, and I'd supplement this with pendulum work until I became confident enough in my clairvoyance to use psychometry (a gift I received from Carol Romine) and inner vision.  I worked at The Crystal Garden in Boynton Beach along with  Carol, Amy Volkers ( a great astrologer), Linda Kanin (an intuitive and teacher), owner Margaret Ann Lembo, and my friend Robin, who entered metaphysical work with me, both of us novices.    I did readings and taught classes in Tarot, Automatic Writing, and Intuitve Development.  At the time, Robin had developed