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Clearing Out the Joints: A Healing Meditation

Once again we see a blueprint for our lives in the Wizard of Oz. The first time we meet the Tin Man he is standing alone, immobilized, in desperate need of the oil can. In fact, even his jaw is locked to the point that he can’t articulate his need, and Dorothy somehow understands his closed-mouth muttering and frees him, joint by joint, enabling him to move. Many of us go through life like the tin man, not to his extreme, but enough of us suffer from knee pain, hip pain, TMJ, and various forms of debilitating arthritis. As we age we experience increased stiffness, foot, knee or hip pain, swollen or inflamed joints, and our physical stress likely has its origin in an emotional core. In our hectic lives, we’ve been conditioned to suppress emotions rather than process them through acceptance and reflection, resulting in storage of unfiltered energy that often collects in our joints, limiting our progress and mirroring the personal issues we need to confront. For example, if a sti