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"Come to the Table. Sit."

During this morning's virtual animal reiki circle, I focused not just on the animals in the group but on those humans who are also facing critical moments in their lives, including my father, who is in a very delicate physical condition that requires high risk surgery. My mother has begun making pre-need arrangements "just in case," so we know that even if he pulls through this last of many heart-related crises, this is neither a false alarm nor exaggerated worry. It was with this in mind that I asked for special healing energy to be sent his way -- not meaning physical healing, necessarily, as I'm not presumptive enough to want to direct the Universe, but I wanted to intensify the Light that will carry him whichever way his karmic path leads. In this meditation I received a very clear visualization with this message: "You do not make this journey alone. There is a cadre of spirits waiting for you. When you begin the walk out of this life, everything behi