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Jesus and the Animals: The Message is Primary

On Christmas -- please remember the significant place of  animals in the  story of Jesus's birth.  He was born in a manger alongside the greater, no less.  Whether you accept the story of Jesus as religious doctrine or you appreciate it as relevatory myth, the lesson is clear: the animals, too, are sacred. Considered either fairy tale or filtered word-of-mouth history, the story presents a Divine lesson whether we claim Christianity as our personal faith or not.  The lessons of Jesus evident in the actions and statements attributed to him have retained strength over the millenia.  They contain an inescapable truth that some still don't promote:  those whom society regards as throwaways are indeed primary in the eyes of God.  I see no greater evidence of this than  the words attritubed to him when he delivered what's come to be known as The Sermon on the Mount:  Blessed are the poor in spirit,      for theirs is the kingdom of heaven . 4  Bless


Twice every Sunday I lead a Distance Reiki Circle for Animals. It's an spiritual meeting for like-minded animal lovers to gather for 20-30 minutes, wherever we may be, to tune in to higher energies for the welfare of our animals and our selves.  People don't need to be trainedinany way....Hi to our we quietly for about 20 minutes, listening to meditative music while I give prompts for relaxation and visualization, all the while sending Reiki energy to the animals and their people in the circle. All Reiki pracititioners are welcome to send as well...and if people aren't Reiki certified, then their presence and good intentions are enough to amplify the vibration. We always see power in group prayer and meditation.  I also recommend listening to healing music and provide links to the circle members.    Below are a few of my favorites: 1 Aeoliah's Music for reiki .   This gentle angelc music is relaxing and conducive to meditat