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Your Love Inventory: A 7 Step Guide

The Love Inventory:  A 7 Step Rediscovery of Love People use the word love casually without truly reflecting on its meaning and  contexts   If we lay aside the common use of the word  to explain predilection for objects,  we reach deeper into our Divine essence.  Sure, we might enjoy the new I-Pad or Highlander,  but can we really love it?   Other verbs would be more appropriate.  Love  is a whole other dimension, and as we progress through life we sometimes forget those critical moments when  we were engulfed in pure love. The sacred element  in all of us awakens when we are touched deep in our center by this overwhelming force, something higher than we are yet something that we can be.  Spiriutal teachings  and human potential workshops promote earthly journey to love or more accurately, a return to love .  The phrase God is love remains a major lesson in the Gospels, as written in  1 John 4:7:    “ everyone who loves is born of God” and “ The one who does not love does n