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Rescue Love

This weekend I had the opportunity to offer my services at one of Palm Beach County's largest dog events, Pet-a-Palooza in Jupiter. Most of the tri-county humane organizations had booths, from  A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue to Florida Parrot Rescue .  I had an animal communication station where I offered free readings to all who stopped by (I thank you and my gas tank thanks youfor your generous donations!), and from 11 a.m. - 5  p.m. I read one dog after another, taking only one quick bathroom break around 2.  The event was sponsored by Sunny 107.9 and WIRK, and through  their very generous advertising, the turnout was enormous.  I apologize for having turned away people after 5 p.m.  even though they had waited in line.  The booths were being dismantled and honestly, after reading nearly 40 dogs, I would not have been as sharp as I had been earlier. Gunner I read every kind of "poo-" there could possibly be -- shihpoos, maltipoos, yorkipoos, whi

A Dog's Love: How Important Is It?

Let me start by saying once again that I struggle with the busy little remnants of childhood sexual abuse, so that when I least expect it, they personify and scurry around my subconscious more noisily and mischievously than usual, when they just lie in wait.  On these occasions, I find myself walking with my head down, literally, or  driving the 35 mile distance to work and back in silence, or wandering through the supermarket on the verge of that something -- "what was it?" -- that Kate Chopin embedded in Louise Mallard, only the answer that escaped was strikingly different.  A friend of mine who had to euthanize her dog earlier this week just asked on Facebook, "Who cries in Publix?"  and I nodded vigorously even though this was not a yes or no question. So getting into tub today, I took a random inventory of all the ways I continue to pathologically butcher myself, both physically and literally, tearing myelf apart to bleeding point  from my scalp down, bitin