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Tune Up Your Dog's Chakras

Like people, animals love energy work, but unlike people, they create no barriers to etheric healing because it’s the plane on which they comfortably exists, whereas we have to work at suspending our reliance upon the concrete and visible first.  Animals feel energy and sense vibrational change before they see solid matter and experience earth-level activity (think about early earthquake warnings, pre-thunder jitters,  character detection in a person they have seen for the first time).  Working on this energetic plane benefits animals both physically and emotionally, calming auric disturbances and preventing them from fully manifesting in the body. An easy and effective technique is chakra healing through visualization.  It takes little time and energy and produces a remarkable calm that your dogs, cats, birds, horses will visibly appreciate.        First, sit comfortably with your animal alongside you.  If that’s not possible, visualize it, as the powerful thoughts will reach thr