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What Your Animal Communicator Needs from You

I had an appointment to read a cat this morning, so I went to the client's home, and as I usually do, I asked if she had aparticular issue she wanted to examine and she replied,  "Well,  I'm a skeptic, so I don't want to tell you anything that would influence you." I said, "OK, but asking these questions helps me focus in a very specific way so that we can find the answer to whatever problem yo u have."  This didn't convince her to reveal anything.  What would I have wanted to know?  If there was a physical issue, whether the cat had seen the vet over it, if there was a behavioral issue I could address directly with the cat. This woman called me, knowing my service was not inexpensive, so she must have had some level of awareness and acceptance that moved her to schedule the appointment. I held the cat, Eliot,  a sweet, mellow, orange and white tabby, very welcoming to me.  First I saw an area between the back of his skull and his shoulders and p