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Releasing Animals from Our Burdens: A Joint Meditation

It's been long known that our animals come to us from a higher dimension to aid us in handling the challenges that the human experience presents. We see this evidence historically in the relationship between the "witch" and her familiar, the cat; the strategic placement of goldfish in an establishment designed by Feng Shui priniciples, even the deep and silent bond of a cowboy and his horse (how many Western songs of dedication were written by rough and tumble outsdoorsmen to their horses?).  I think even of the traditional Tarot card, the Fool, ready to embark in innocence and possibly folly alongside  his faithful canine companion, who will surely guard him from danger, warn him of obstacles, and support him when he stumbles.  Why is this?  Because these animals have selflessly entered our lives, choosing to help us by absorbing much of our pain and sorrow.  They cushion us from the hardest blows. I've heard many people, referring to a death, divorce, or other lif

Animal Abuse: Are We Accomplices?

Animal Abuse: Are We Complicit? The treatment of commercially and industrially used animals, held against their will and acted upon by human beings who wield power under the banner of Scripturally assigned dominion has perpetuated a society in which nearly all of us by are in fact complicit in their suffering.  How?   Through our habitual consumption of products that rely on animals for testing or through our engagement in activities I which animals are used for our entertainment.  This is not the place to debate the consumption of meat vs. Tofurkey   Many physicians and scientists believe that for  some people,  animal protein is necessary, and when that is the case, people with conscience follow the traditions of indigenous tribes by thanking and blessing the animals who provides their sustenance. The issue here is  much larger than such this.. Who  among us has never taken a pharmaceutical drug  for a physical condition? Is there a woman in the room who has never used masc