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Wings Bigger Than Ours

A client just wrote to me, upset for months over an incident with an injured baby bird.  It had fallen out of its next, and she took it home to care for it, hoping to return it to the nest when it recovered.  Such rescue is always an act of love.  She was feeding it and put it down for a moment, but that moment esalated like fast forward when her dog suddenly leaped, grabbed the bird, and killed it.  For months, the woman has been blaming herself, assuming responsibility for the bird's death.  She came to me for some clarity. I didn't have to stretch to empathize wit her.   I have been in that position a number of times.  For years,  I was actively involved in Muscovy duck rescue, retrieving scared, injured, abused and victimized ducks from lakes, parking lots, streets.Once I took in an almost newborn duckling -- tiny and still yellow -- who had been abandoned and seemed to have a broken leg.  I called the president of the rescue group to ask for instructions on its c

Your Animals Came to You for a Reason

I just did a reading for a woman who wanted to know why the cat she and her family  adopted was so attracted and attached to her husband when they went to the pound to look for a new cat.  She said when they approached the glass window to view the available animals for adoption, one particular cat literally leaped at the window and began scratching it as if to get to her husband, and once they were able to view the cat without barriers, he wouldn't let go of him.  She knew, she said that "there is more than meets the eye" and was seeking an explanation, so she contacted me. I receive my information in two ways; visually and intuitively knowing.  When I close my eyes, I see images, faint pictures, some more clear than others but always vivid enough to know what I'm seeing.  On this occassion,  almost immediately, when I closed my eyes, I saw the image of the cat angled from the spiritual plane,entering our physical world and  jumping into a baby carriage. He was  

All is Never Lost

When we suffer what we perceive as loss or defeat, we can abandon hope and retreat from the world. Yes, it stings.  But for some, the  loss feels insurmountable, plummeting them into  long term despair, an understandable, permssible human response after a loved one's death, a breakup, unemployment, homelessness.   In fact,  not  sinking into grief  would make us appear suspect.  But outside of those severe circumstances, how often do we prolong grief over self-inflicted rather than external losssuch as failed expectations and unmet goals? We hang our hopes on particular desires, forgetting our flexibility and capacity for change, and subconsiously choose disappointment after unrealized outcomes. Then we mourn, convincing ourselves that  all is lost ,  and wander through  distorted emotional landscape.  Here's the truth: no thing   is ever lost.  We   get lost as we muddle through those self defeating thoughts.    But we can easily reverse this buy practicing attitud

Your Love Inventory: A 7 Step Guide

The Love Inventory:  A 7 Step Rediscovery of Love People use the word love casually without truly reflecting on its meaning and  contexts   If we lay aside the common use of the word  to explain predilection for objects,  we reach deeper into our Divine essence.  Sure, we might enjoy the new I-Pad or Highlander,  but can we really love it?   Other verbs would be more appropriate.  Love  is a whole other dimension, and as we progress through life we sometimes forget those critical moments when  we were engulfed in pure love. The sacred element  in all of us awakens when we are touched deep in our center by this overwhelming force, something higher than we are yet something that we can be.  Spiriutal teachings  and human potential workshops promote earthly journey to love or more accurately, a return to love .  The phrase God is love remains a major lesson in the Gospels, as written in  1 John 4:7:    “ everyone who loves is born of God” and “ The one who does not love does n

Tune Up Your Dog's Chakras

Like people, animals love energy work, but unlike people, they create no barriers to etheric healing because it’s the plane on which they comfortably exists, whereas we have to work at suspending our reliance upon the concrete and visible first.  Animals feel energy and sense vibrational change before they see solid matter and experience earth-level activity (think about early earthquake warnings, pre-thunder jitters,  character detection in a person they have seen for the first time).  Working on this energetic plane benefits animals both physically and emotionally, calming auric disturbances and preventing them from fully manifesting in the body. An easy and effective technique is chakra healing through visualization.  It takes little time and energy and produces a remarkable calm that your dogs, cats, birds, horses will visibly appreciate.        First, sit comfortably with your animal alongside you.  If that’s not possible, visualize it, as the powerful thoughts will reach thr