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Blogability and Pass the Love, Please

Six months ago, I sent my blog link to a very good friend of mine who didn't respond. Later that week, when I asked if he had received my e-mail, he said he had and deleted it without viewing the blog because "frankly, blogs don't interest me." I nodded and said nothing but felt incredibly insulted, and then felt -- and remained-- angry at myself for suppressing those emotions. Six months later, I'm carrying that conversation like stale crumbs in unlaundered pants and would like to empty my pockets . What would make my written words"uninteresting?" Is it that writing requires more depth than cursory Friday night conversation at the Chinese buffet and is therefore too taxing to investigate? What makes me acceptable company in the flesh but rejection fodder in print? He didn't even question the blog's focus, suggesting that the blog as a very entity rather than its content justifies disrespect. If I'd presented a published article or a book to