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Seven Lessons We Learn from our Animals

Here's a  Buddhist parable about the inevitability of death. A woman, angry that her son had died, demanded that the Buddha restore him to life. He agreed to do so on the condition that the woman find one person in the village who did not know the sorrow of death. She went on her way, determined to find that person, but weeks later returned after visitng every house, finally understanding no one s untouched by death. This is the one constant, in the world. There are those few who have been fortunate in their lives not to have yet experienced the loss of a loved one  but we all eventually will. The only certainty of life is death.  However, some of us experience it more frequently than others,each time  just as painful as the last: those of us who choose to live with pets. If we are fortunate,  we share their companionship for a full 12 to 14 years....but the physical separation between us inevitable.  This is the equivalent of a parent losing a child about