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Introduction to Psychic Energy: A Women's Learning Circle

This week I inaugurated our Ft. Lauderdale meetup group, Introduction to Psychic Energy: a Women's Learning Circle.  I took a deep breath, posted the info on, and tossed this idea out into the Universe, an idea I've tried before but an idea that didn't manifest until this week.  The word of the moment was  "trust:"  who would respond? who would show up?  how would they benefit?  would they benefit?  where should I hold this?  what if no one comes?  what if only one person comes?  what if, what if, what if? The one question I saved for last was what if it was a success? It was!  Five women of varying backgrounds and ages showed up, enthusiastic about exercising their intuitive abilities.  We sat in my cozy little living room, introduced ourselves, talked about our spiritual goals, and began the first of  what I hope will be 12 weeks of ongoing experiential classes. Here's the lineup of topics for the next four sessions. 1.  Feeling energy 2

More Powerful in Spirit: When a Dog Ascends

I just did a reading for a dog I'll call Mandy, a Rottie mix with uncontrolled aggression. Unprovoked, she attacked my client's smaller dog, who died a few days later. The  woman, a veterinarian,  was distraught helplessly watching the attack,  losing one dog and struggling with the fate of the other.  The attacking dog, otherwise sweet, could not be trusted with other dogs and the vet feared that this would eventually grow into aggression toward people.   I was asked to read for both dogs after the incident, but it took me a few days to clear my schedule, and by then, the smaller dog had died. The  vet chose euthanasia for Mandy. She described the death as loving and peaceful. My first reaction was the typical human reaction: if only I'd had the time to do the reading on the day it was requested, not four days later, maybe the ending would have been different.  But then I realized that wishful hindsight was not and could never be the case.  All happens in Divine orde