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The Cycle of Change: Darkness & Release, Light & Growth

We just passed through the winter solstice, the time when the  borders of the physical and spiritual worlds are closest, the time we embrace the longest night, which enables us to appreciate the gift of light.  The physical darkness and light cycle often parallels our inner cycles of darkness and light.  My therapist once said we never stop navitgating the highs and lows of life, but as we progress intentionally, the depths become less treacherous and the climbs less intimidating.  We eventually feel more stable, more even, more capable of sailing through those depressions in the road and more deserving as we enjoy the heights. Accompanying those depths, those dark nights, are fears, self-doubts, even stagnation, which becomes an enemy more than a place of security.  As we look into ourselves this winter, as we examine where we may have fallen and where we need to ascend, we may realize that we need to release old, outmoded relationships that no longer serve our highest good.  Is it s