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Animals and Reincarnation

I'll never get used to the anguish of a person grieving a pet's "death." We've all been there. We feel a physical hole in our hearts, in our auras; our homes feel hollow; we can take years to recover. This is where a reading helps a grieving pet owner. I act as a conduit between the human and the departed animal and people come to realize that not only does life continue after physical end, but our relationships with our departed loves ones continue as well. Grief-burdened people ask, "Will my dog come back to me as another animal?" or "Can you ask her if she will come back to me as another animal?" The answers I get from the animals themselvesare pretty consistent. Sometimes our animals do return to us. Sometimes they assure us that although they're physically undetectable, they're still watching and guiding us, and some choose to remain in that realm as our guides. Sometimes they promise to "send" a new ani