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All is Never Lost

When we suffer what we perceive as loss or defeat, we can abandon hope and retreat from the world. Yes, it stings.  But for some, the  loss feels insurmountable, plummeting them into  long term despair, an understandable, permssible human response after a loved one's death, a breakup, unemployment, homelessness.   In fact,  not  sinking into grief  would make us appear suspect.  But outside of those severe circumstances, how often do we prolong grief over self-inflicted rather than external losssuch as failed expectations and unmet goals? We hang our hopes on particular desires, forgetting our flexibility and capacity for change, and subconsiously choose disappointment after unrealized outcomes. Then we mourn, convincing ourselves that  all is lost ,  and wander through  distorted emotional landscape.  Here's the truth: no thing   is ever lost.  We   get lost as we muddle through those self defeating thoughts.    But we can easily reverse this buy practicing attitud