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The Story of Boo, an Enlightened Dalmation Here and Herafter

About 7 years ago,  I received an interesting phone call from a Fort Lauderdale woman named Beverly who identified herself as “skeptical but desperate.”   She’d been given my name and phone number by a friend who’d seen my card somewhere and said she loved her dog enough to have me talk to her even though, she kept repeating, she had doubts.   She had made a veterinary appointment for 7 am t o euthanize Boo, an 11 year old Dalmatian  with Cushing’s syndrome, a disease that damages both the muscular system and internal organs.   She wanted to know if it was the right time.   I had never faced the loss of my own dogs with grace and dignity, traumatized each time and thrown into serious depression during a longer than normal mourning process.   Suddenly within two weeks, I was called to help two dogs with their transition process and knew this was as much a lesson for me as it was therapeutic to the dogs and their families. I knew that after so many years of doing this work, I was be

When Did You Know You Had the Gift? (Ummm, I Didn't)

In the over 25 years I've been a spiritual counselor, I've heard many comments, testimonials, and questions at the end of a reading, whether that reading was in person or via distance. All the responses express gratitude for the information and insight, but many of them conclude with a  remark about being "blessed with "the gift." At that time I do an instantaneous mental replay of my life, searching for the moment I "first became aware of this gift"  and frankly, I come up empty. There is no great gift, I tell people. I am not, as you say, "special." Being an intutive is a matter of directing a very specific intention. We are all able to do this.  You can do this.  Intuition is the root.  An animal communicator is not a dog trainer or behaviorist. An animal communicator is a psychic, an intuitive who works with animals through telepathic transference of thought. Through this communication, animals and their human caretakers can lear