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REIKI AND CANCER by guest blogger Emily Walsh

I'm pleased to persent this wonderful assessment of Reiki as a complement to medical treatments. Thank you to Emily Walsh for so successfully capturing the essence of this divine healing tool. Studies Show Reiki Helps Humans and Animals Cope with Cancer With the endorsement of medical professionals,such as Dr. Mehmet Oz, Reiki is becomine an increasingly well-known form of energy medicine. Developed by Mikao Usui in 1914 afater a mystical encounter, Reiki was first practiced by Usui and has been passed down through a lineage that continues to the present day. A form of healing and relaxation that balances the body's life force, Reiki strengthens the immune system, reduces stress, and helps the body heal itself. Its spiritual energy affects the body mentally, physically, and emotionally. How Does Reiki Work? The life force enrgy that flows in and around the physical body supports its cells and organs. When this subtle energy is blocked, the area that is obstructed func

Visual and Visionary Part 2: The Images

The Grief of the Pasha by Jean Leone Gerome The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau The Bear Dance by William Holbrook Beard Spirit Wolf by Susan Seddon Boulet Calico Kitty by Georg Williams Blue Dog (the original) by George Rodrigue Bodo Flying through the Night by Martin LaBorde

Visual and Visionary: Animals in Art

We know the power of the concrete image, which is why poets in particular rely so strongly on metaphor to convey their message. When we read a quality literary piece, we retain the verbally constructed image forever, linking us to the words. For me, as a writer, the words never came first; the image did. Then I entered an almost trance-like state to retrieve the language that interpreted the picture. Forever embedded in my visual memory is a young and hunger-afflicted illiterate Colonel Sartoris Snopes whose stomach read the red devil labels on cans on the general store shelf. We rely on pictures to symbolize a moment, a movement, a philosophy. Returning to my early days in academia, I felt someone had injected me with propellant when I first encountered the sad, mad exposed heart in the self portraits of Vincent Van Gogh.....and thirty years later, I experience a similar rush when I get lost in the work of Rembrandt, as heart and soul radiate through the dim canvas centuries after he