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Six Months At Hospice: On Spirituality and Dying

Let me say that I ended up working at Hospice because for years the animal communication and Reiki sessions I did with animals prepared me for this work.  A growing number of clients wanted end-of-life consultations, and I obliged, honored to do so, honored to speak with and hear the wisdom and love of the animal ready to die, honored to share  the grief and sorrow of the humans releasing their greatest love.  It was a natural fifteen year training program leading me to work with dying people.  I can say the animals have taught me how to live and how to die. Why do I do pastoral care?   How?   Why do I  do it this way? I do it because I'm called to be a conduit between the spiritual realm and earth realm. For 20 plus years I had a spiritual practice and did readings and counseling on the side and eventually grew more concerned with my own gift to the world than with being a professional psychic earning supplemental income.   I watched friends of mine blossom as successful   m