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The Incredible Lightness of Dogging

Animals and Humor In communication sessions I may receive stunning insights from my canine clients about the temporary nature of life on earth, the power of higher energies that direct us, the medicinal properites of love....but often, in a reading, the animals simply want to share the joys and pose questions about the fun side of earthly life. Like young children with unfiltered speech, they honestly and spontaneously share what seems exciting to them.      Soon after I acquired 5 month old Seamus,  I decided to make one of our evenings a gadget-less evening -- no t.v., no computer, no telephone -- during which we would listen to New Age music and commune on a higher level through a deep spiritual commuication session.  I just knew that when I tuned into this magnificent dog, I would be receiving the wisdom of the Masters. I placed my hands on him, closed my eyes, and began slow, rhythmic breathing until I reached a corridor of gracefully swirling blue and violet light, the z

When Animals Know They are Dying

In  Jerusalem in 1978, I brought home Chafifa,   a miniature poodle,  after I'd spent nearly a year as a volunteer in Israel. (Many single young Jewish women would go to Israel and return to the U.S. with an Israeli man, headed for the altar.   I came home with a dog.  That laid the groundwork for my next 37 years). She was, at the onset, a very spunky and sprightly c ompanion who lived with me in Israel, Brooklyn, and Fort Lauderdale.  At five, however, she fell into unexpected  irreversible kidney failure and in less than a week, her coat faded, her eyes grew dull, and she hovered on t he brink of physical death.    I brought her to my parents’ house since they lived just blocks from my veterinarian, and I witnessed an astounding and loving display of telepathic communication between the animals themselves.      On her last day, the vet sent her home; I don't think he wanted to make the decision to euthanize her but wanted me to do it.  She crawled under the dining roo