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"If He's Not Worried, Neither Am I"

I hate to admit that despite years of academic and metaphysical training in loss and healing, endings and beginnings, farewells and soon-to-be farewells, I still haven't learned to curb my tears in the face of someone else's sorrow. My degree of empathy exceeds usual boundaries, at least in a visual sense, although enough years of therapy have taught me not to internalize someone else's tsuris. The problem? I cry too readily, involuntarily, as I work with animals and people in sobering situations. I understand that the flowing tears during a communication session are a body/mind recognition that I have settled into in an elevated spiritual space, a poignant other-than-this - world reality. Once I asked my therapist why, whenever I entered a deep state of meditation, I began crying. She explained it as recognizing God, an emotional homecoming. I accepted this then and am used to it now, 20 years later. But all emotional triggers make me cry. I drive around the Brooklyn of