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Your Animals Came to You for a Reason

I just did a reading for a woman who wanted to know why the cat she and her family  adopted was so attracted and attached to her husband when they went to the pound to look for a new cat.  She said when they approached the glass window to view the available animals for adoption, one particular cat literally leaped at the window and began scratching it as if to get to her husband, and once they were able to view the cat without barriers, he wouldn't let go of him.  She knew, she said that "there is more than meets the eye" and was seeking an explanation, so she contacted me.

I receive my information in two ways; visually and intuitively knowing.  When I close my eyes, I see images, faint pictures, some more clear than others but always vivid enough to know what I'm seeing.  On this occassion,  almost immediately, when I closed my eyes, I saw the image of the cat angled from the spiritual plane,entering our physical world and  jumping into a baby carriage. He was  replacing a baby,  and I had the very strong sense that this baby had belonged to her husband, not her.  I knew he had lost a very young child and never got over it, and the cat was s sent to him by spirit  to help him heal and open himself to the vulnerability that comes with deep love once again.

When I receive information like this, I am very careful in my revealing what I know, because spiritual time frames often differ from earthly time frames.  Thus there's always the possibility that what I am seeing at the moment is not necessarily in the past but  an incident about to occur.  This was an online reading originating from my web site, so I knew absolutely nothing about this woman's  situation, who she was, where she lived, how old she was, only that she adopted a very beautiful cat who had an exceptionally strong bond with her husband.  I had to very cautiously select my words in my reply.  When I do this, if what I am about to reveal can be shocking or frightening, I often couch my information in a question or present it as possibility, to soften it before the client is ready to discuss it more fully.  This is how I phrased it: 
          Ask your husband if there was a time in his life when he needed 
         emergency help, or if there was someone close to him that he lost, 
         a child or baby perhaps.  It could have happened a long time ago.  
        Romeo is saying he is here to heal a deep wound from that loss. He is 
       also  saying he is jumping into your lives as a replacement "baby." 
      That's his purpose.  There's no particular entity associated with sending him.      It's a spiritual gift that comes from realms where individual identities are long       gone.  It's like, as we sat, a gift from God, or a a gift from the angels.

I just heard back from the woman, who wrote,Thank you Lisa for all your help and insights over the past few days. My husband did indeed lose a baby many years ago which he has never completely gotten over.  

I am always so impressed with the way Spirit gives me this information.  When i was new to this kind of work and would see pictures i didn't expect, I was sometimes afraid to share the images with my client for fear of being "wrong."  Later I learned that many images are merely symbolic, so when I would explain what I saw, the symbolism would make sense -- although sometimes the images were not symbols at all but literal snapshots, and the client would do the explaining.  Now, after almost 30 years of doing this sacred work,  I trust what I receive so completely that I share it no matter how unusual or impossible it seems at the time.

This reading should be continued verification for people who don't fully accept the fact that our animal companions are healers sent from higher realms. There are no accidents. The furry ones you love and the feathered ones who bring you such laughter and joy are with you for a higher reason.


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