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Your Love Inventory: A 7 Step Guide

The Love Inventory:  A 7 Step Rediscovery of Love

People use the word love casually without truly reflecting on its meaning and  contexts   If we lay aside the common use of the word  to explain predilection for objects,  we reach deeper into our Divine essence.  Sure, we might enjoy the new I-Pad or Highlander,  but can we really love it?   Other verbs would be more appropriate.  Love  is a whole other dimension, and as we progress through life we sometimes forget those critical moments when  we were engulfed in pure love.
The sacred element  in all of us awakens when we are touched deep in our center by this overwhelming force, something higher than we are yet something that we can be.  Spiriutal teachings  and human potential workshops promote earthly journey to love or more accurately, a return to love.  The phrase God is love remains a major lesson in the Gospels, as written in  1 John 4:7:    everyone who loves is born of God” and “The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love..”  Paul Stookey contemporized a spiritual verse from Matthew with the earthly in “The Wedding Song” chorus: ” The union of your spirits, here, has caused Him to remain  For whenever two or more of you are gathered in His name There is Love, there is Love.” 
On our  journeys, when we are most fortunate,  Divine love radiates through us,  sometimes in in times of  distress, amidst social, financial, emotion struggles, and bearing witnessing escalating world strife, we  disconnect from love.  We forget.   After a breakup, a loss, we despair and lose graph of our birthright, which is simply to love and be loved.    In  such moments, we can make deliberate efforts to integrate love into our reality.  Sometimes the most powerful tool is simply remembering. .  Here’s a meditation to jog our memories.
 This brief journey will be an inventory of where we have experienced a profound and permanently affirming love.  You may want to record this so you can follow along whenever  you need a refresher.

1.  Breathe deeply and relax   Count down  slowly  from 10 to 1, with a cycle of inhales and exhales at each descending number.  Feel  yourself relax from head to toe.  Give  your muscles permission to your muscles to release  tension and stress. Flex and quickly release.  When you feel relaxed from head to toe, begin.

2.  Visualize a pink cord from your heart to your crown chakra.  Now think with your heart.  Return to the first instance you experienced love.  Go backwards through your life, briefly scanning each decade until you are ten years old.  See yourself at this age.  Then travel even 3  Then go back to your earliest memory and  be still with it.

3.  Ask your higher self to help you access your earliest memory or love.  Bring  the word LOVE into your consciousness.  See it spelled out in front of you. Visualize symbols of love.   Repeat it  repeat it as a mantra as you prepare to recover your experience
4.  Who is there with you?  Who is giving you love?  Trust yourself enough to accept the images that float up, even if they are faint.  What are you feeling?  Sit in silence for a few moments and connect with that feeling, as you  attune to its energy in the present moment.  Then allow other instances of your receiving love to surface.  Take as much time as you need.  You are recovering your capacity to love.
5.  Now see the reciprocal experience.  Recall  the most poignant instance in your life when you fully loved to someone else.  Don’t force the memory; let it rise naturally.  It might not be what you expect.  If you begin to tremble or cry, you know you have reached your Divine center.   Sometimes we find it harder to recognize that we are direct channels rather than receipients of love.  This happens when we recognize that at our core, we are good.  We mirror the  Divine.
6.  How have you channeled your love?  Let your higher self speak to you.  Connect with these thoughts, feelings, and images.

7.  Finally, ask yourself where in your life you need to gift someone with your love.  It can be a past relationship, someone who is no longer in your life, someone who has passed on, someone to whom you never expressed your love.   Visualize that person accepting your gift .

When you are ready,  come back to the normal waking consciousness and feel renewed.


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