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Tune Up Your Dog's Chakras

Like people, animals love energy work, but unlike people, they create no barriers to etheric healing because it’s the plane on which they comfortably exists, whereas we have to work at suspending our reliance upon the concrete and visible first.  Animals feel energy and sense vibrational change before they see solid matter and experience earth-level activity (think about early earthquake warnings, pre-thunder jitters,  character detection in a person they have seen for the first time).  Working on this energetic plane benefits animals both physically and emotionally, calming auric disturbances and preventing them from fully manifesting in the body.
An easy and effective technique is chakra healing through visualization.  It takes little time and energy and produces a remarkable calm that your dogs, cats, birds, horses will visibly appreciate.       
First, sit comfortably with your animal alongside you.  If that’s not possible, visualize it, as the powerful thoughts will reach through distance.
Begin the way you would begin if you were meditating and healing yourself.  Breathe slowly and rhythmically: in to the count of four, hold for four, release for eight counts.  After four rounds of this, you will feel yourself settle in to a more relaxed state that deepens with each new inhale and exhale.
Visualize a white light from above slowly moving  toward you and your animals and gently penetrating into your animal's crown chakra at the top of the head.  See a deep violet energy swirling as the light activitates this center.  The crown chakra in all of us is the center of spirituality.  You know your animal is a spiritual being; see how easily the violet deepens as you focus.
Next move to the third eye, the center between the eyes, a deeper purple/indigo.  This center controls perception, vision, physical issues with the head.  As the light moves through this center, see the color intensify and strengthen your animal’s system.

Follow the path of light to the light blue of throat chakra, the communication center, affecting teeth, mouth, throat issues.  Animals who are nervous sometimes exhibit a weakness in this chakra by biting, chewing household items and chewing themselves. Think of a pre-verbal child whose frustration at limited self-expression manifests in tantrums and destructive behavior.  Visualize the soothing light blue settling and calming this energy center.

Now see the energy, green, flow into the heart, the center of unconditional love (isn't this where all of our animals live?) Physically, it controls heart and lung function and the immune system. Emotionally, it is the center of compassion and caring.  See it vibrating vibrant, healing green light as the light flows through.
The next chakra is very important for all rescue dogs, who have experienced fear and abandonment. The solar plexus chakra is yellow and when healthy makes up our sense of self; this is where aggression or insecurity  can be adjusted.  Such emotional conditions such as fear and lack of confidence often manifest in digestive and liver issues.....dietary indiscretion begins here as well.  So many of our animals need the reassurance of comfort and security so let's send them all extra energy as the Reiki flows through the solar plexus.  Mixing the love of the heart chakra with the comfort of the solar plexus equals a strong remedy for wholeness.
Move to the sacral center, orange, controlling reproductive system and kidneys. Allow the energy to penetrate and clear bladder issues, stones, soothing this part of the body.  Puppy mill dogs used as breeders need extra work here; animals who endured C-sections need  healing here.
The root chakra, our strongest physical connection to the earth, is a natural home to dogs who have retained their ancient and original instincts. Its red energy provides a foundation for basic survival needs and keeps us beings vibrant and alive. Dogs with hip dysplasia, foot problems, and bowel issues need healng in this center. Follow the   light through the root, which regulates the rear of the animal, including legs and intestines.  Visualize until you see this center glowing bright red. 
Do a complete body scan now following the light from where it entered the crown to where it sits in the root. Take special note of where the color is not as strong as it could be, where it moves slowly, or where it meets an obstacle.   This will tell you what ailment//physical condition needs more attention.  Also note that when you see a weakness in your animal's chakras, you can use crystals to strengthen that energy. Coordinate the stones with the chakras they heal.  Affix them to a collar, keep them in your hand, create a circle of corresponding color stones around your animal.
When you are finished, see your animal lit up like a Christmas tree in segments: violet, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. See all the centers in living color as each chakra is activated and vibrating in its corresponding color with the white light glowing from head to root..  This will rejuvenate your animal's system.


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