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The Cycle of Change: Darkness & Release, Light & Growth

We just passed through the winter solstice, the time when the  borders of the physical and spiritual worlds are closest, the time we embrace the longest night, which enables us to appreciate the gift of light.  The physical darkness and light cycle often parallels our inner cycles of darkness and light.  My therapist once said we never stop navitgating the highs and lows of life, but as we progress intentionally, the depths become less treacherous and the climbs less intimidating.  We eventually feel more stable, more even, more capable of sailing through those depressions in the road and more deserving as we enjoy the heights.
Accompanying those depths, those dark nights, are fears, self-doubts, even stagnation, which becomes an enemy more than a place of security.  As we look into ourselves this winter, as we examine where we may have fallen and where we need to ascend, we may realize that we need to release old, outmoded relationships that no longer serve our highest good.  Is it selfish?  Is it painful? No and yes.  If you are like me, holding on to relationships for the sake of longevity and loyalty, but you feel a constant gnawing that something isn't right, or you walk away from every encounter feeling somehow marginalized or dismissed, then the time is right to adjust your path and lovingly let go.  It could be marriage, work, friendships, location.....anything or anyone that promotes disharmony deserves your assessment.

Bear in mind that your animals tend to absorb all of your emotional and physical discomfort.  Releasing the stressors from your life will lighten their load as well.

Here's a meditation to help you see through the darkness and usher in light.

Breathe in...slowly through your noise. Feel the air circulate in your body. Hold it. Release slowly.
Again, breathe deeply...hold it....feel it reach every cell in your body....then release.

Now breathe with the intention of clearing your animal with the breath. Breathe in.....imagine the breathe circulating in your animal's body, clearing out debris...release and visualize all negative energy and ailment leaving.

In each of us there is darkness...what do you need to look at, to confront, to release? Use the energy of the Universe circle to examine this....sometimes it means discarding old habits, old energy, even people who no longer contribute to your highest good and growth.  Allow the images, faces, ideas to surface.  Don't suppress, and don't fear.  You are inviting healing into your life.

With all endings come new beginnings......look deep within as the Reiki penetrates and identify what you want to end so you can embrace new beginnings.  Feel yourself empty.  See a vessel collect the debris in your energy field.  Return it to the Universe for transmutation.  Offer gratitude.

Give voice to your intention. Empower the clearing by announcing what you wish for yourself and for your loved ones, your animals. 

You may want to write down your intentions for the endings and beginning we are entering. Perhaps light a candle as a symbol of light to give it life.

Not all endings are sad... and if they are, trust that it is momentary.  Spirit holds greater promise for you.  Clearing out means making room for new blessings.  It is an invitation for the Universe to replenish your life with goodness and Light.  Wish no harm to anyone and only Light will come to you.

The winter solstice traditions coincide with many Light traditions: the yule log, Hanukka menorah and lights of miracles, the Star of Bethlehem lighting the world.   No darkness is permanent. The universal  light alignment will mirror your internal growth  Peace and happy new year.


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