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White Light Immersion: A Simple Healing Meditation

Today I would like to lead you in a white light meditation. We are going to completely immerse ourselves in light.  We are going to create a tent of healing light around ourselves, our animals and our loved ones.   Sit with your animals alongside you if possible.  If they are elsewhere, just visualize them,   and consider any others you want to include in this healing.   Imagine them alongside you.  If you are not particularly visual, just mentally state their names. to bring them in.    The Universe knows your intention.

Begin with slow, deep breaths.  A pattern of repeated breaths helps you to focus and relax.  Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth to these counts:   in to four....hold for four....release slowly to eight. Repeat this until it feels natural.  You will settle in to this deep breathing very easily. 

This is also contagious.  See how your animals' breathing also slows down and how they drift into meditation with you.
Visualize a bright, sparkling sphere of pure Divine light above your house. See it slowly starting to lower, going through your roof into your house.  See it gradulally descending from the  ceiling, coming slowly, lighting up the room, covering you like a cloak from above, wide wide enough to include all those alongside you physically or in your visualization....a pulsating, healing, whilte light bringing you in. 
This is the Divine light of the Universe, the energy of spirit, the healing powers of All That Is. See it casting a very broad and powerful white light that not only sits above you but extends around you horizontally so you are encase in standing in a huge waterfall of white light.
See the light completely enveloping and filling you and your group with each breath, going down, covering moving through you so your entire body lights up, moving all the way down in a deep healing wave... through your chest, torso, hips, legs, out through your feet, into the earth.
Be still for a moment in this healing light. Take the time to see your animals filling up with this light. If you find any spots that are slow to take the light, send your healing intention and prayer to that spot. Ask for release and harmony, both physical and emotional.
When you feel you are clear and you see your animals as illuminated, feel the light concentrate in your hands. Place your hands on your head, on your heart, on your animals' head, heart, back....visualize all those who need healing receiving your healing touch.
When you are ready to return to normal waking consciousness, offer thanks. Open your hands and send the sphere back up into the ethers, through the air, through your root, into the universe.
Offer thanks.
Experience peace.



Sherry Bolte said…
Namaste to you as well..
Sherry Bolte said…
Namaste Sister and thank you for your Healing Meditation )O(

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