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Twice every Sunday I lead a Distance Reiki Circle for Animals. It's an spiritual meeting for like-minded animal lovers to gather for 20-30 minutes, wherever we may be, to tune in to higher energies for the welfare of our animals and our selves.  People don't need to be trainedinany way....Hi to our we quietly for about 20 minutes, listening to meditative music while I give prompts for relaxation and visualization, all the while sending Reiki energy to the animals and their people in the circle. All Reiki pracititioners are welcome to send as well...and if people aren't Reiki certified, then their presence and good intentions are enough to amplify the vibration. We always see power in group prayer and meditation.  I also recommend listening to healing music and provide links to the circle members.    Below are a few of my favorites:

1 Aeoliah's Music for reiki   This gentle angelc music is relaxing and conducive to meditation
2. The Eternal Om    Monks chanting a deep OM raises our vibration and brings us to higher places
3.    Gentle sounds of Tibetan singing bowls raise your vibration  ...sound healing is very profound. The clip I linked to is 11  . You can play itall day or overnight as background music to continue the healing.

Sit comfortably with your animal at your side, by your feet,or in your inner vision if you are physically distint.

Take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it as long as you can. Feel your lungs fill with air not UP).so that your belly expands OUTWARD , not UP.   Then release slowly through your mouth. When you exhale, feel all negativity and tension leave your body.

Inhale again and feel the breathe circulate throughout your entire body as you hold that breath.  See every muscle, bone, tendon, organ, cell illuminated by this breath. When you release, visualize all debris dissipating in that exhale. 

As you breathe deeply again, see all dark spots vacuumed into this breath....clear it out completely.  Take as many deep breaths as you need to see this. 

Notice how your animal companion also begins  to breathe deeply.  When you breathe in again,visualize your animal also clearing out any darks spots, any illness,and discomfort.  When you exhale, exhale for our animal as well.  Visualize your animal illuminated by this breath that comesfrom the Light.

Breathe with intention:

Breathe in Light
Exhale darkness

Breathe in Love
Exhale Anger

Breathe in peace
Breathe out discord

Breathe in healing
Breathe out discomfort

Breathe in vibrancy
Breathe out disease

Feel this energy like an internal  massage. Place your hand on your dog or cat or bird  as you breathe and affirm, and see how they respond to the shifting energy.


Sometimes when you release the negative that blocks you, you discover your gift. What's yours? Ask and let the answer arise.  Don't block it or force it.

Sometimes releasing means opening what's locked inside you. It doesn't have to be negative. Sometimes it is a gift that you have to share with others.  What is your gift?  How are you emerging?

Feel yourself bathed in light.  Visualize your animal bathed in light.  You are all encircled by this Light.  If you have a particular worry or healing request, make it now. Say it or think it and the Universe will hear.

Enjoy the peace and carry it with you always.


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