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More Powerful in Spirit: When a Dog Ascends

I just did a reading for a dog I'll call Mandy, a Rottie mix with uncontrolled aggression. Unprovoked, she attacked my client's smaller dog, who died a few days later. The  woman, a veterinarian,  was distraught helplessly watching the attack,  losing one dog and struggling with the fate of the other.  The attacking dog, otherwise sweet, could not be trusted with other dogs and the vet feared that this would eventually grow into aggression toward people.   I was asked to read for both dogs after the incident, but it took me a few days to clear my schedule, and by then, the smaller dog had died. The  vet chose euthanasia for Mandy. She described the death as loving and peaceful.
My first reaction was the typical human reaction: if only I'd had the time to do the reading on the day it was requested, not four days later, maybe the ending would have been different.  But then I realized that wishful hindsight was not and could never be the case.  All happens in Divine order; as much as we would like to direct and redirect the Universe and tell the gods where to go, what to think, and what to do, we cannot.
It was easy to communicate with Mandy, who explained that hers was a pained life because she understood her psychological propulsion and had no way to stop it. She behaved this way from puppyhood:  she would leap into a situation without retreat.  In her early life she was mistreated/abused , which intensified her mental instability. Her former owners brought her to the vet after a car accident, leaving her in surgery and, hoping she'd die or be euthanized, they never returned.
I was able to see the other small dog alongside her, the one who was killed, still looking to up the bigger girl but in loving  spiritual relationship.  Anf then Mandy shared an image I have never seen, a message  so stunning that I lost my composure.
A  greater spiritual being approached Mandy in the form of concentrated Light and embraced her.  This Light being placed a wreath of Light around her neck, a gesture of forgiveness, a  clear demonstration of love. Mandy bowed her head humbly and accepted the gift, seeing that she could forgive herself, and then filled up with Light. She had assumed the blame for the hurt in her life and she needed a sacred energy to touch her with unconditional love before she could forgive herself.  

This would not have happened had she remained  alive and in constant emotional discomfort. She had to leave this plane to experience such love and transformation.  And her caretaker,  the vet, who is battling stage IV cancer, had to undergo this  trauma and release to appreciate the same potent lessons as she makes her own most difficult journey.

I was initially so apologetic for taking a few days to find the right time to do this reading, but now I believe  it unfolded as it needed to unfold. Our animals sacrifice themselves to absorb our pain and relieve some of  our burdens...but we usually don't see it at the time.  No only are they the gifts themselves,  they bestow greater gifts upon us which we may not realize until they are gone.  Now this vet has two dogs guiding her, more powerful allies in spirit than they were in life.  


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