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When Did You Know You Had the Gift? (Ummm, I Didn't)

In the over 25 years I've been a spiritual counselor, I've heard many comments, testimonials, and questions at the end of a reading, whether that reading was in person or via distance. All the responses express gratitude for the information and insight, but many of them conclude with a  remark about being "blessed with "the gift." At that time I do an instantaneous mental replay of my life, searching for the moment I "first became aware of this gift"  and frankly, I come up empty. There is no great gift, I tell people. I am not, as you say, "special." Being an intutive is a matter of directing a very specific intention. We are all able to do this.  You can do this. 

Intuition is the root.  An animal communicator is not a dog trainer or behaviorist. An animal communicator is a psychic, an intuitive who works with animals through telepathic transference of thought. Through this communication, animals and their human caretakers can learn more about each other. It allows us to enter dimensions that are not visibly apparent in order to retrieve information that deepens the human-animal bond, solves behavioral mysteries, identifies physical issues, and always provides insights, smiles, and laughter to both. For animals, it is a relief to finally have their needs  and wishes clearly articulated, and for the human companion, the result is the same.While people may be amazed by the clarity of a reading, they are surprised to discover that intuitive arts can be learned.   Here's my explanation:  we take our innate ability and awaken it through meditation, practice, and exercise. Just like algebra. Sort of like grammar drill and practice.

The key to oepining intuitve ability is connecting to the Divine, beginning with meditation, which allows us to temporarily disconnect from the mundane world and ascend to higher planes. When we meditate, we raise our vibration and expand our receptivity to higher energies.  Because meditation eventually quiets our mental chatter, we not only observe but feel the silence, elevate into it, and communicate on a heart level. This plane of consciousness doesn't depend on words or images but on sensation and pure knowing. It is not uncommon for the beginning meditator to cry when making contact with these energies. It is an emotional homecoming. Maybe we are making contact with our true selves atfor the first time, our higher selves, that spiritual and permanent facet of our individual existence which transfers from plane to plane, lifetime to lifetime. It may indeed be the first time we are meeting who we truly are, a profound introduction.

Next we meet other energies who may appear to us as wafting colors, floating orbs (if we are visual) or body sensations distinct from those we normal feel (chills, taps on the shoulder, an undeniable sense that we are not alone. This is the plane where transformation and spiritual exchange takes place. We reach each other here, a metaphoric meeting on the mountain that precipitates all psychic readings because a reading is just a matter of energy exchange. The difference is that in this experience, the energy is etheric. We begin to receive pictures, words, signals from the Spirit realm. All living beings exist on multiple levels. When we reach this level, we communicate with others on that level.

For humans, it takes practice and commitment. For animals, this plane of existence is natural. This is what makes animal communication so gentle and easy. WE are the ones who struggle to get up that mountain. The animals are already there, waiting for us. DUring a reading (whether for people or animal), the psychic may sit with eyes closed or tilt her head sideways as if listening to an unseen voice -- that is the reader communicating on that spiritual energetic level, retrieving information to bring to the client. Through this practice of meditation, we learn to reach places of inner peace that grant us access to that meditation, and the more we get there, the easier the process becomes. Thus the gift is not a great mystery. It's like going to the gym and suddenly, four months later, you look down and see that you do indeed have an abdominal muscle. The difference is that we exercise our spiritual muscles.

Try this exercise with your animal companion to jointly experience the stillness: You will enter the silence through slow and regulated breathing, The goal is to feel the higher connection. Sit comfortably with your back straight and your eyes closed and try this exercise:
  1. Breathe in slowly through your mouth to the count of four
  2. Hold the breath for the count of four .
  3. Imagine the breath circulating through your entire body, from the head, through the torso, through the toes.
  4. Release to the count of eight, slowly through parted lips
  5. Repeat this four or five times.
  6. Focus on your heart center.
  7. Feel the energy from your heart center spread through you, around you, and reach out to your animal friend's center. Feel the connection as you breathe together.
  8. Sit in this silence as the connection strengthens. Continue breathing and sharing light for a few minutes. 
It is in this peaceful state that all telepathic/spiritual communication occurs.
If you do this  for even five minutes a day, you'll discover  that you begin  receiving  the words and images you thought were reserved only for the "gifted" ones. It is an exciting opening.
 You will also find that as you meditate, your animals will begin to meditate. In fact, the deeper you go into an altered state, the longer it will take you to bring them out of it when you return to normal waking consciousness. To give your pets a treat, engage in this process daily; you will be astounded at the results you both enjoy.


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