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AFFORDABLE DOGSPEAK (or catspeak/horsespeak/birdspeak)

I understand, feel, and witness daily the effect a strained economy has on the average American, a struggle that has lasted at least five years.  In the greater Ft. Lauderdale area, I pull into familiar strip malls and small shopping centers to be greeted by empty storeferonts where businesses once thrived.  Every time I have to pay another bill I emit an audible groan.  Working people have had to pull back, conserve, shop in the no-frills stores for basic necessities.  Then consider the millions who have been unemployed and under-employed, how their despair continues.

Our animal companions, to many of us, are family, and even in the most lean times, we don't compromise the well being of our family members.  But the shelters are full, and my facebook page is a growing host of photos of abandoned pets at kill shelters begging for another chance to live a life in a loving home.  It's heartbreaking.

Of course luxuries fall by the wayside as well.  Few people are willing to take a financial risk seeing an  animal communicator, holistic healer, or any  kind of intuitive (not I -- I still make sure I go to someone for semi-annual readings myself...for me this is religious necessity).   I am blessed to earn a living as a professor and not have to rely on private consultations for my main income, but I know many others whose metaphysical livelihood was the first sacrifice in this economy.

My readings are comparatively affordable, which you'll see if you do a search.  Some communicators charge by the minute and even charge for mileage and phone connections.  I've never done that, but I have created a very simple and low, low, low to no investment opportunity for those whose animals need an intuitive consultation or spiritual "tune up."  No one should find a spiritual session out of their reach.  I'm a counselor and worker, not an entrepreneur. 

I invite you to take advantage of two opportunities that will benefit both you and your animals:
                    1)  the FREE Distance Reiki Circle for Animals on Facebook.  We meet twice every
                         Sunday, at 9 a.m. Eastern and 6 p.m. Pacific.  Come join the group, receive distance
                         energy healings, and enjoy the support of a group of over 230  like minded people
                         from around the world.  Here's the link:

                  2)  $11 Mini-readings for your animals. Yeah, that's right.  $11 ( power
                        number!).  Sometimes  you have only one pressing issue or one question or concern
                       for which you need clarity, and I'm happy to do it. The $11 donation keeps my web
                       page and Reiki circle live.  This is not a profit-making venture by any means.  Here's
                       the link.


Eileen Hume said…
I am a member of the virtual reiki group and would like to say a big thank you to Lisa and all the other group members. I don't know or fully understand how reiki works but the healing energy does have a very positive impact on the animals when the group concentrates their healing thoughts together for them. Sunday is now a reiki day in my calendar

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