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Happy 2013

At the end of this year, use the energy of the waning moon to bid farewell to the energies that no longer contribute to your growth: this can be ideas, feelings of guilt, shame, or blame, perception about self and others, anger, excess......

Try these simple affirmations for release.  I will start with mine and then leave a few statements blank so you can fill in yours.    If you read them aloud, your voice will give power to your intention and the Universe will hear you and help you cleanse and heal.

I release my need for anger.  I release my anger.
I release my need to react.  I release my reactionism.
I release my need to feel hurt.  I release my hurt.
I release my need for excess weight.  I release my excess weight.
I release my need to worry.  I release my worry.

Now fill in your blanks:

I release my need for __________________.  I release my ________________.

I release my need to ___________________.  I release my ________________.

I release my need to feel ________________.  I release my _______________. 

Now light a candle for the new year and as you stand over it, say aloud those things you want to manifest for yourself and the world.  Again, voicing them will strengthen those intentions. 

In 2013,  let's try to be more like our dogs: unburdened, joyful, satisfied, loving, forgiving, playful, "in the moment." 

I wanted to leave 2012 by completing a project and sending it out into the Universe, so I have!  You can download my e-book on Amazon. It is divided into three sections: one collection of essays on lessons from our animals, another with sample readings and afterlife communication sessions, and a third section with exercises and meditations for you to increase your own intuition and do this very work.  It's $5, a bargain.  I ask for your support.  Here's the link:

Have a great New Year.  Ring in the joy.  Don't forget to join us on Facebook every Sunday in the a.m. and p.m. for our Distance Reiki Circle for Animals.  Search for us and request an invitation. Namaste!


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