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Distance Reiki for Animals

For just over a year, I've been conducting a distance Reiki healing session for animals on Facebook.  From wherever we are, we gather twice every Sunday, once at  9 a.m. Eastern and again at 6 p.m. Pacific, and engage in a 20 to 30 minute meditative session with our animals by our side.  In the case of an animal who has left the earth plane, we merely focus on the energy and make soul-level connections.

It doesn't matter whether we are experienced meditators, healers, animal professionals, or pet owners whose focus is living with and loving with our furry/feathered companions --  the unifying element here is love and Divine light.

How does it work?  We sit at the appointed time and relax, breathing deeply and releasing distracting thoughts.  The powerful group intention fortifies the connection through the ethers.  Some sit alongside their dogs or cats; others close their eyes and summon images of their animals; some hold photos of animals in need; some just use the time to breathe and welcome healing energy.  I always envision a circle of Light around the globe, connecting us like an etheric string because we truly represent diverse locations:  Florida, California, Minnesota, Georgia, Massachusetts, Australia, England, Scotland, Portugal.  When an animal is in crisis or has a specific heaing need, we all focus on sending healing energy, whether the group is composed of Reiki practitioners or not.  Intention is the key.  Just thinking healing thoughts and sending them through the circle brings healing.  Over the past ten years, even the medical profession has recognized the power of prayer circles in aiding critical surgeries and recovery.  We do the same.

At the very least, this circle gives meditative opportunity to people who, in the course of busy lives, usually don't find the time or space to quiet down and savor the stillness, and allows those who have no metaphysical training to discover the miracles of the Universe.  Just this morning, one of our regular group members wrote that her dogs' allergic symptoms have improved over the course of the Reiki circle this past year.  Others attest that they note positive physical and emotional changes in their animals.

Years ago, a smart aleck guy at one of my public appearances  asked if I could hypnotize my dogs when I was discussing the benefits of hypnsosis (which I use strictly to help people achieve a meditative state).   I don't remember my answer, but I can tell you now that absolutely, yes, we can bring our animals to the meditative state.  It happens every week in the Reiki circle, and whenever I do engage in a deep meditation at other times, my animals flank me and it takes longer to return them to normal waking consciousness than it does for me to return.  It's like waking them from a deep sleep and travel to higher realms: who wouldn't want to remain there? 
I'd like you to see some physical effects of Reiki that I captured on my web cam during the August 19th circle. Here is my bird in  the middle  of a 25 minute session:

Last week, captured him in various stages of a session on August 12th.  You can see the beginning, as he is fully awake, and watch him gradually relax as the he receives the energy until he is in blissful meditation by the end.

This is a video of him in the meditative state brought on by the Reiki. Notice the depth of his breathing.

If you are interested in joining our animal Reiki circle on Facebook, please look for us under "Virtual Reiki Circle for Animals" and request an invitation.  You can also visit my web site and click on the PowerPoint presentation to help you find the stillness and focus.

Always, always, feel free to ask me any questions.



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