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Steep Grief: Lennox Speaks

This was a week of wrangling as the two year fight to save an unfairly impounded dog in Belfast came to an unforgivable end. For those who have not been part of the protests and online prayer circles and solidarity events, here's the summary. Two years ago, without provocation or reasonable cause, Lennox, a Labrador/American Bulldog mix, was confiscated by the authorities and impounded under the law that prohibits "pit bull type dogs." First of all, he was not a pit bull. Secondly, he was neither aggressive nor threatening, and there was no proof that he had ever been. Online video of an examination during which he was taunted shows the calm demeanor of a Golden Retriever. The Belfast City Council emerged victorious in the two year legal battle fought by Lennox's anguished human family and despite international appeals, protests, and offers to rehome the dog in the U.S., the BCC destroyed the dog, and proudly, becoming the poster devils for anti-breed specific legislation.

Pet lovers, humane workers, anti-breed legislation advocates, animal champions internationally grieved and convened in online lamentations. A howl-a-thon in his name continues on Facebook, where people are asked to change their profile pictures to their dogs' in honor of this sadly murdered boy. Holly Bernard started the continuing Moon Howl in Memory of Lennox , whose membership keeps increasing. I did all that, and I actually howled last evening with my three dogs, who chimed in. My house sounded like a chorus of ghosts. Such howling cleanses the soul and stretches out into the ethers where an interspecies quartet amplifies to an army of earlier days, we called this "toning," a common metaphysical sound vibrational healing practice. When the dogs howl in concert, we all ascend and return to earth, tingling.

My online Reiki circle for animals this Sunday focused on Lennox and his family and I used oiur collective silent space twice to tune connect with and, as an animal communicator, feel what he felt and retrieve any messages he might have for us. My experience with afterlife communication -- something I do quite often -- is usually uplifting, with loving messages and assurances that all transpired as it should have, following Divine plan, which is always "all good."

Not this time.

I am still shaken by my encounter with this exceptionally sweet spirit.

This is what I received:

Lennox, in spirit, is howling for us, for misguided humanity

Crossing over for him was Dream Time -- and he was fully embraced by the Light, where he resides. He shows me iguana energy, which was his true essence.

The forces that yanked him to his end were aggressive male energies despite the gender of the officials involved. This is a call to activate the Divine feminine in all human endeavor.

Lennox grieves deeply. I saw him. I heard him. His family grieves deeply. We join them, tearfully. So many of us have not been able to read all of the news reports for fear of a grief too penetrating.

I ask myself what the lesson is, because there is always a lesson; Lightworkers don't accept random misery. Besides allowing so many strangers to rally in love and to send spiritual comfort to Lennox's strugging human family in Northern Ireland, I look for a higher message, which usualy involves some level of discomfort. I come up with this: the right thing to do -- and the biggest challenge for us -- is to send healing light to the city commission that impounded and destroyed the dog. Clearly they operate in darkness.

And for those he left behind -- and all those animals who suffer at the hands of a very flawed human mass consciousness -- the grief remains steep.


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