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"Come to the Table. Sit."

During this morning's virtual animal reiki circle, I focused not just on the animals in the group but on those humans who are also facing critical moments in their lives, including my father, who is in a very delicate physical condition that requires high risk surgery. My mother has begun making pre-need arrangements "just in case," so we know that even if he pulls through this last of many heart-related crises, this is neither a false alarm nor exaggerated worry. It was with this in mind that I asked for special healing energy to be sent his way -- not meaning physical healing, necessarily, as I'm not presumptive enough to want to direct the Universe, but I wanted to intensify the Light that will carry him whichever way his karmic path leads.

In this meditation I received a very clear visualization with this message:

"You do not make this journey alone. There is a cadre of spirits waiting for you. When you begin the walk out of this life, everything behind you fades and only light awaits you. At the end there is a large round table where the spirits sit and greet you. One chair is empty; this chair is for you. We have been waiting for you. Welcome. Sit. " This is a joyful reunion.

The concept of table fellowship remains a strong and living symbol of inclusion and welcome in Christianity, and in Judaism, it continues to be the center of the home: of dialogue, of service, of kinship. But the tables I see in my meditations with Spirit are never the rectangular banquet tables reproduced in religious paintings; they are instead round tables that create an energetic enclosure.

Of course we all know the eternal message of the circle,continuity, but in seeing this vision again this morning, I want to share its greater implications:

* when we enter an already existing circle, there is no
visible break indicating order, rank, or position

* when we take our place in the circle, we become equal; no
one is at a greater or lesser distance from the center

* when we form a circle we create the energetic hub and become,
collectively, a physical container for Light

* when we create circles we replicate the Divine design of the
Universe (God, the Great Spirit, the All) right down to the
nuclear level.

Now feel the energy in your body as you articulate the circle in a long-held and very sacred sound: OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM.


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