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"Oh My God. This is Amazing!"

I seem to have gotten over myself and the emotional wrangling that has preoccupied me since my divorce. In the six or seven months since the untangling of a very unbalanced relationship, I've taken accidental hiatus, and even with the best of intentions, have been too distracted and depressed to return calls, respond to requests for readings, and set up appointments. I did teach a two hour class on animal communication in October, but I have not been operating at full psychic speed as my body chose to absorb the shock of my ex's unparalleled selfishness and unpexpected meanness by developing Graves disease, which left me rather unsettled and yes, more than a little bit angry, not the greatest conditions for intuitive work.

All that changed yesterday.

My father's physical therapist called me a couple of weeks ago to check my availability for a dog birthday party on Dec. 4th. I said I was available and she and her partner booked me for two hours to help celebrate the first birthday of an adorable little poodle mix who hosted the gala dressed in a pink coat fastened by a very blingy rhinestone brooch. I was esorted into an office where I remained while about 20 canine guests entered individually at five minute intervals. The idea was to do a mini reading for each, the "event" of the party. Most of the people had never encountered an animal communicator before and were rather receptive, figuring they'd do what most people do with a psychic, either accept the informaton they received if it seemed helpful and discard what felt unreasonable. Five minutes is not usually enough time to provide deep inights, but I surrounded myself in light before I entered the house and asked the Universe for accuracy and clarity, extreme clarity.

I read clairvoyantly. Once in a while I hear words. My technique is to stroke or hold the animal and enter a meditative state where I receive the information through visions. If the human companion has specific questions, I actually ask the animal and wait for an answer, but often, as was the case during most of yesterday's readings, the people just wanted to hear what their dogs wanted to reveal. And eager to finally be heard in this way, dogs almost always leap at the opporunity to share this usually hidden part of themselves.

Holding a yellow lab in my hands, I closed my eyes and saw growths or lumps, but when I opened them, didn't see these on him. It's always difficult to prepare the owner for an upcoming health issue and I select my words carefully as I am not a medical consultant and don't venture into unlicensed veterinary territory. "He is concerned about growths or lumps that may be bothering him, so check him carefully as something may be emerging," I told her. She turned over both of his ears, exposing very large and hard bumps in both. "Hematomas. He's having surgery tomorrow." If any of you reading this have any doubt that our animals are aware of everything happening to them and us, dissolve them. The poor boy was just as worried as we are when we face a medical procedure.

On more than one occassion -- and this is a regular occurance -- the dog entered the room, sat in front of me, and began kissing me, upon which the owner said,"Now that is incredible. He never does that. Never." It's common with me. The animals operate on a higher frequency and understand vibrational energy, responding accordingly. We see this all the time when our animals immediately distrust someone and display apppropriate physical reactions like growling or barking. This is the same principle, only its positive opposite. The other reaction I see occasionally is the dog being startled by the rush of higher energy and not quite understanding it, creating distance between us. My late friend Sandy had two dogs who reacted this way. Skylyr would sit very close to me and put his paw in my hand and ask for his reading. Nicky would cower in a corner while his teeth chattered. Yesterday one little black dog went the Nicky route while his sibling was eager to share.

The day's highlight came from a friendly woman who sat beside me with an adorable shih tzu. I held her dog for about 20 seconds, closed my eyes and said, "You did or do have another small one at home? A Peke" and she almost fell off the couch. "Yes! I have a Peke! Oh my God,this is amazing!" was her mantra for the rest of the afternoon. She listened very attentively to the rest of the reading.

At the end of the party, the host entered and said, "This was great! You converted the one skeptic we had. All day, she was telling everyone, 'This is b.s. I don't believe in this stuff ,' and then you told her about the Pekingese she left at home."

And this,blog readers, is the most significant anecdote because people like her -- even people who love their dogs -- are reluctant to accept them as spiritual creatures who have missions to guide and teach us. When we (communicators) hit so accurately, it changes their perception about spiritual life, about who we are and about who they are, and that is really our purpose.


Patrice said…
One idea that occurred to me when I read the last part of this blog entry -- perhaps for some, it's not that they don't believe animals have spiritual sides, it's that they don't believe that a human can communicate on this level with the animals.

Even with my experience with animal communicators, I struggle with that idea myself. I know that my animals have emotions, thoughts, and a spiritual side (you should see Tooey meditate -- it's a sight to behold). I just struggle with the communication part.
Lisa Shaw said…
Stop struggling. It's a struggle against nature and nature always wins. :-)

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