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Messages from the Light: Reading Molly

I am often called upon to communicate with an animal who is no longer on the earth plane. I never use the word death in this context since I know intuitively and experientially that there is no death, just transformation. A client sends or hands me a photo, and using psychometry, I easily contact the animal's spirit and am always greeted joyfully. In the book Opening to Channel, Sonaya Roman's guides Oren and DaBen make this pronouncement (a paraphrase): We rejoice when you make contact. So it is with the animals, who as indigenous peoples know, are spiritually pure transmitters of higher wisdom and unconditional love.

Sometimes the animals appear to me in a physical form but more often I see energy. This morning I did a reading for a departed spaniel, on earth a regal girl with a commanding posture. In spirit, she was more than just a floating orb of light: she appeared as a star, very deliberately sending healing energy and love to the human companion and dogs she left behind. Her former owner is ill and often without strength, missing her canine love terribly. I was asked to speak with Molly but when I saw her, no words were necessary. More precisely, no words were adequate. She is literally a guiding light offering the unparalleled gift of Divine presence. When a distraught client asks me to make contact with the animal in spirit, a communion takes place on an etheric level. That communion -- that beingness -- engenders a peace that spreads through the soul and down through the body. That energetic communion, Spirit's way of assuring us "I am here, I hear you and I am here with you" ignites the healing process. This is often all it takes for the human client to release the grief. That release is contagious. Although I had not known the animal in life, I cry along with the client as soon as that gentle, loving contact happens. All it takes is the presence.

So often when we seek guidance from higher realms, we want -- and expect -- words of wisdom, suggestion, direction. We pump that left brain for the linear, practical advice we think will to transport us to a place called Relief. Once again, the animals teach us otherwise through their silent, penetrating Divine Light. It matters not whether we accept this job or leave that job, file for the inevitable divorce or circumvent our partner's abuse with a flurry of earthly diversions, masking the hurt. We have no earthly Band-Aids. The ultimate healing comes through the gifts of the Spirit -- unadulterated , concentrated love that overcomes human frailty and diffuses human pain, leaving us speechless.

Go hug your dog.


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