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Top Ten Reasons I Love Luinigh

I love my boy. I love everything he does which includes, in no special order:
1. Trying to sleep on top of me some time in the middle of the night every night
2. Doing the conga across the room every time I stand and he thinks I'm about to dance
3. His childlike fascination with what gets flushed down the toilet
4. His stealing the shirt I wore during the day and holding it in his mouth for an hour until he falls asleep
5. His bathroom escort service -- he has to run in ahead of me and touch with his nose whatever fixture I'm about to use, take a few steps back, and guide me in
6. His insistence at the dog park that every human being naturally wants to meet him
7. His never snapping at the macaw who tries to maim him
8. His making everything in life a game but being perfectly obedient when he needs to
9. His insistence on throwing stuffed animals into the bathtub full of water and when I don't respond, his balancing them on my shoulder, stepping back, and waiting for me to do something
10. Now that I think about it, everything


Patice said…
1. Sounds nice and warm
2. Is there a video of this?
3. Hmmm... yes. Why we always keep the toilet lid closed
4. Cooper goes for socks
5. Cooper likes to watch, and Tooey likes to wait outside the bathroom door
6. Well, don't they?
7. Very enlightened of him
8. perfectly obedient when he needs to -- Cooper's emphasis would be on the "he"
9. Cooper sits on a chair behind the office chair, and observes the computer work going on. Eventually, he paws a shoulder to get attention.
10. Now that I think about it, everything -- me, too.

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