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Gracie Shaw, 5/21/94 - 2/25/09

It was time. She knew so, the vet said so, I thought so. I drew Reiki symbols over her head, stroked her side as the valium lured her out of anxious pacing into peaceful slumber, willing and needing to depart (it was time, it was), and now I celebrate the life of this once feisty little Schnauzer who came to me like an angel 15 years ago and led me through crisis into clarity with her zest, her verve, her love. Ciao, Grazia. You were aptly named.


Jan said…
With heart and tissues I have read about Gracie.
It seems that the choices are not always choices.
(((LISA))) and the rest of the Shaw household.
Dear Lisa,

My heart goes out to you right now.

I remember visiting your home once and meeting your pets. I am sure Gracie was one of the dogs I met that day. Your bigger dog, can't remember its name, was lying on your bed so peaceful and relaxed. I looked at the scene in amazement, for as a child I was never allowed to have animals in my home, much less share my bed with them. Many years have passed; my father died and on the morning of his funeral, Woody appeared at our doorstep, wet, beaten, tired and hungry...he was my father's goodbye gift to the boys and me. My father would do things like this...That was over two years ago. Today, Woody travels on vacation everywhere with us, and if he is not allowed in we are not interested in going. He receives warm baths in his own tub, eats well everyday and has his own health insurance. Most importantly, Lisa, he sleeps in our bed...all our beds, the boys and my husband's and mine. He is king in my home; he is fully and completely loved.

I am sorry for your loss, for I know it is truly a great loss.

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