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I think I resisted blogging for so long because the word sounds so creepy: blog. It reminds me of a scary "B" movie about an unearthly thing that manifests on our planet , expanding like an amorphous tumor, devouring a typical American town: The Blog. Come to think of it, that has happened on the web in recent years. We're overrun by blogs, the information superhighway equivalent of an afternoon talk show. Yet here I am, succumbing. The Blog wins.Remember the late 1980s channeling craze? Everyone had an invisible other-worldly companion who strayed from his evolutionary dimension to impart long-lost but sacred wisdom to an underemployed American who in turn enlightened the rest of us to the tune of million$ from book sales, workshops, and speaking engagments.Well, I, too, read those books, and I attended those workshops, and I actually altered my consciousness and opened to the greater realities of multi-level existence. But while I do work in harmony with multidimensional spiritual forces, my intention for this blog is to create a more practical conversation for spiritual people who embrace the unity of all life. It's for you. You realize you belong here when you recognize the depth in your dog's eyes as more than a plea to "take me for a walk" or your horse nuzzling your shoulder strikes a chord transcending the physical or the dream you had last night about your departed cat was not a dream at all but a visitation.In future posts I will provide information and share insights, tell you some of my life changing stories, answer your questions, and offer you the opportunity to do the same in a space of uncontained Light and Love. Welcome!


I am looking forward to more posts like this...
Welcome to the "bloggersphere" Lisa. I visited here once before but now found my way again through Geoffrey's post. I too look forward to reading your posts and I hope you too will stop by and visit The Fearless Blog.
My experience so far has been incredible and I am sure you too will will find tremendous satisfaction and rewards. :)
Best wishes to you...

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What is our human responsibility to the earth and its non-human inhabitants? Traditional Biblical scholars would say one of master-servant and ecologists would say one of caretaker. However, using either frame, neither movement has responded in full view of the evidence presented throughout the Bible that God clearly included animals in covenantal relationships with Biblical scholars neglecting the sanctity of animals and secular environmentalists neglecting God. A closer look at the Old Testament reveals that God designed humankind’s role in relation to the animals as one of stewardship rather than domination. Traditionally religious people often cite Scripure justify a master/servant relationship between humans and animals rather than one of partnership, but deeper investigation invites us to see texts rich with references, both literal and figurative, to the partnership between humankind and the animal world. From Genesis through Prophets and Wisdom Literature, the writers of the O…

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She turned 14 last week and quietly enjoyed a small birthday party attended by her two housemate dogs and three other dog friends.  She was subdued but enjoyed enough birthday treats to the point of vomiting them up onto the couch at midnight.  
She can no longer climb into the bed and anxiously paced back and forth along the foot board until I lifted all 50 pounds of her and she curled up and slept till morning.  On occasion I would awaken in the middle of the night to f…

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